Disney Gallery Presents 'Mechanical Kingdoms - The Steam Driven Future Seen Today'

For this week's Disneyland Resort Photo Report we're visiting the latest exhibit at the Disney Gallery on Main Street U.S.A. - Mechanical Kingdoms.

This past weekend, the Tiki Tiki Tiki Realms exhibit moved out of the Disney Gallery. In it's place, an exhibit featuring steampunk inspired Disney concept art, models and props. A lot of the art was produced by Walt Disney Imagineering during the designing of Tokyo DisneySea, Discovery Bay at Disneyland and EPCOT Center. The artwork in the gallery section is gorgeous. I spent at least and hour getting lost in some of its highly detailed concept drawings. Most of the art is of a high Disney caliber which is rarely seen today. I highly recommend taking some time to visit the Mechanical Kingdoms exhibit.

"Mechanical Kingdoms - The Steam Driven Future Seen Today"


Marc Davis artwork from the World of Motion at EPCOT Center

Discovery Bay was a concept for Disneyland which was never built. The art below, by Joe Rhode in 1984, depicts a concept attraction for the land inspired by the 1902 film A Trip to the Moon. It was to use ride simulator technology to shoot guests to the moon. The simulator technology originally planed for this attraction was eventually used in Star Tours and the story was adopted for Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris.

Discovery Bay was a concept for Disneyland which was never built.

The art on top, Joe Rhode, depicts an overall view of Discovery Bay for Disneyland. Below, concept art for Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris by Tim Delaney.

Discovery Island Overview for Disneyland by Tim Delaney in 1987. 


Journey Into Imagination Dream Machine Concept by Steve Kirk in 1980.

“An early concept for the Dream Vehicle and Dreamfinder proposed a simple sled-like machine powered by propellers and “hand” cranked fans”


The Nautilus 

Ride vehicle model for Aquatopia at Tokyo DisneySea

Port Discovery SRV Model for Tokyo DisneySEA

Journey to the Center of the Earth Ride Vehicle Model for Tokyo DisneySEA

Port Discovery Sunfish Submarine Model for Tokyo DisneySEA

Props from the 2012 Disney Channel Original movie, Girl vs. Monster



In the nearby Disneyana shop, guests can find merchandise, artwork and some of the display works in the art on demand kiosk. A few light-up 'steampunk' style figurines featuring Disney characters are also available for purchase.  

Have you visited the new Mechanical Kingdoms exhibit at Disneyland? What are your thoughts? Let's discuss it below!